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As Chair of the Stevensville CAC, not in my worst nightmares did I ever envision that someone would try to develop the property on such a massive scale with such a disregard to CAC plan and the desires of our

The concept presented to the CAC by Attorney Joe Stevens and  his clients in August 1997 raised several issues of concern, primarily traffic impacts and residential density.  On those issues, the final plan is even worse than the concept plan.  The existing proposal goes against the letter and the spirit of the Stevensville Community Plan,
which serves as 'the official Comprehensive Plan for the Stevensville area.'  [See page 1-1 of the plan]. 

What they are proposing  is development run amuck, and it must be stopped in order to preserve Kent Island and the democratic process.

Peter A. Holland, Chair of the Stevensville CAC
KIDL Note: (Peter Holland is an Attorney at Law)  (click here to view the original plan

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CAC is "Citizens Advisory Committee"

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