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My County Commissioners:

I really must express my objection to the pending change in the
"Critical Area Growth Allocations" that are being reviewed.
I have lived in the "Castle Marina" community for 26 years ( my home
was 1 of only 17 in this community ) and as you all can be aware of I have
seen an awful lot of change in just this community not to mention the wild
and unchecked growth of all of Kent Island. I can not help but know that
if  this Allocation change does go through we ( Kent Island ) will suffer greatly.

It is nearly impossible to go anywhere on Kent Island on the weekends now
and when Summer gets here with all the Ocean City traffic and the Summer
Boaters and live aboards I fell that I will became a prisoner in my own
HOME. In the summer months I now have to plan all my activities around the
weekend because I can hardly go anywhere.

I have friends that live on Kent Island that now have failing septic
systems and there are no Allocations for them in the near future. We could
go on and on about the impact on Wild Life, Wetlands, Woodlands and the
Jewel of all is the Chesapeake Bay and all its tributaries. The stress on
our Emergency Services will be entirely unexceptable.

The Farms are just about all gone now and I know that the QUALITY OF


James L. Heath
Chester, MD

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