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KIDL received the following letter on September 2, 2010

To the KIDL Webmaster.

You can post this if you’d like.   I, like many citizens of QAC, am sick and tired of being inundated with the avalanche of “facts” being thrown at us by Business Queen Anne’s (in The Update), and now by their PAC - The Friends of Queen Anne’s County - telling us to vote their candidates and blaming all the economic woes of QAC on the last 8 years’ Commissioners.  I hope you can post the article from Sunday, August 29, 2010 Star Democrat that states that the “facts” BQA has been throwing out regarding the commercial tax base in QAC are just plain MADE UP!  So many of their “facts” (run in the full page ads in The Update over the past year) have been made up.  And unfortunately, some REASONABLE citizens are starting to believe them!  It just makes me crazy. 

I got a chuckle out of a Letter to the Editor in Sunday’s Star Dem . . . and I quote, “I am happy to see there is an organization – Business Queen Anne’s – that has decided to stand up to the anti-growth groups that call themselves the Kent Island Defense League and Queen Anne’s Conservation.” It goes on to tell us to vote wisely for our new commissioners and ends with  “If . . . you’re retired, wealthy, your children don’t live in the area and you consider any new resident as intruding on your personal space – vote for the NO candidates.”  My laugh was twofold - first it’s just amazing to see how much fear can STILL be generated by KIDL 3 years after it pretty much went bye-bye, except for your website and the email list.  The second is that they think only “retired, wealthy . . . “ people support the slow/managed growth movement (oh, and they’ve started using our own terms against us!).  Well, I’m neither, and my child does live here, and I just have to wonder, HOW MUCH MONEY DID IT TAKE TO RUN THOSE FULL PAGE ADS EVERY WEEK FOR OVER A YEAR LEADING UP TO THE ELECTION?  Talk about wealthy backers!

And I have to take a minute to address John McQueeney, Jr.’s letter in the September 1st Bay Times.  He says that some of the current candidates have already cost the County millions . . . I BEG to differ!  The lawsuits over Four Seasons were brought about directly by the implementation/signing of the Developer’s Rights and Responsibilities Agreement that MR. McQUEENEY’S Board (McQueeney, George O’Donnell and Marlene Davis) signed AFTER being soundly trounced in the 2002 primary election by citizens that DID NOT WANT FOUR SEASONS.  Once that DRRA was signed the only course left to all those citizens was through the Courts.  Too bad their elected officials just didn’t LISTEN to them from the get-go!

I wish the problems in the economy were so simple they could be blamed on something local . . . but that’s not the case, and we all know it.

Now I have to get back to work, trying to earn a buck . . . and yes, I’m a Realtor (gasp!) and my husband is a builder/remodeler (double gasp!).  And we are still firmly against any movement to Pave Our County!  This is a special place, let’s keep it that way!

Nancy Koval

Note from KIDL Webmaster
KIDL has never been a "no-growth"or "anti-growth"  group.  From the KIDL home page:  "Our mission is to defend and preserve the environment and quality of life in Queen Anne's County through responsible growth, to find ways to maintain growth at a sustainable level, to educate citizens to the process, and to make sure our elected officials and public servants hear the voices of their constituents and are held accountable for problems related to unchecked growth."

Click Here to ready the August 29, 2010 Star Democrat News Story about incorrect BQA "facts"

 Click Here to read the News Story from 2002 regarding the signing of the DRRA by the three Lame Duck Commissioners mentioned above. 

A MUST READ - The August 31 posting of PaveOurCounty contains a link to a letter Mr. Mareen Waterman (Realtor/ Developer) sent out with candidate comments and endorsements of the Business Queen Anne's (BQA) – Friends of QAC PAC.  You have to read the letter to believe it.  The blog also has interesting information on BQA endorsed candidates Mansfield and Arentz, as well as  "The Cartel's Unemployment Lie" and " The 6.5% Lie".  Please Click to PaveOurCounty.com.

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Happy reading, Burt

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