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Happened to see the following on the Sentinel Whispers site and thought it should be passed along:  


At first I was outraged, later I wondered what could be so important about being a County Commissioner that one could justify falsifying his resume? 

Admit it we have all stretched the truth a little, told a fib, maybe just out right told a lie, we are only human arenít we?  What weakness makes us humans do such things when we know its wrong?  In our hearts we suspect that all politicians are in it for themselves and not for the public good, although they tell us otherwise in their political rhetoric.  Yes there are exceptions and there are good politicians. 

Like you, I too was amazed to discover that our little Queen Anneís County finds itself at a point where there is so much at stake that being a County Commissioner is important enough that you would be dishonest just to be a commissioner.  Do the rewards of being a local politician some how justify being less than truthful with yourself and the citizens?  I am also amazed that within this quaint rural county there are those who will financially spend any amount  or verbally defend any local politician willing to do the bidding of their special interest.  Like most county voters I have followed the local 2006 campaign posturing.  I am convinced there are those amongst us who, whether right or wrong, honestly believe that what is beneficial for them as individuals, is also good for the county as a whole.  I am equally convinced that there are those amongst us who know what they promote for themselves is not good for the county as a whole; regardless they promote their interests despite the consequence to the county. 

Whether you prefer prayer or the thought of kind intentions, together our collective focus should be for Ben Cassell.  Mr. Cassell is a lost soul going down the wrong road.  Together our intentions should also be for those who assisted Mr. Cassell on his journey down the wrong road.  Most of all, our intentions should be for our county and those who are chosen to lead us for the next four years, may it be with dignity and honesty. 

Bruce Wakefield 

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