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I’d like to address some recent letters by Four Seasons proponents.

First, misconceptions over the sewer system. One letter said "the State says we need to upgrade"; another, "the impact on sewer/water system that we need regardless". The truth: our sewage treatment plant is NOT FAILING, there is NO requirement by the State to replace, upgrade or expand it. The proposed $33 million plant is a NEW plant, to be built next to the existing plant, NOT an upgrade or renovation. It appears much of the new capacity will be for NEW DEVELOPMENT, there is NO plan to address failing septics. Hovnanian is NOT paying for the new plant. QAC debt will probably fund the plant.

Another writer asked: "In regard to fire and rescue . . . are the people who volunteer unhappy to be assured an income . . . ?" The Bay Times’, February 21st, asked KIVFD members, "With all of the proposed development on Kent Island, do you feel we will have adequate emergency services protection?" Four of five answered "no", while Chief Schulz answered "yes" but continued: "additional development puts a strain on the service", and that more volunteers were needed. Four Seasons’ approximately 2700 over-55 residents will need more emergency services as they age, and rescues will be involved in this gated, one-entry community with over 6 miles of roads and cul-de-sacs. Can we be sure payments will actually be made, and if they are will they be enough to guarantee adequate protection? I don’t think so.

Then there seems to be a belief that this is a true "senior" community. Homeowners will be required to maintain their individual homes. Lawns will be maintained by the Homeowners’ Association, which will not be cheap! This will be a community for active, well-healed over-55'ers, with NO "assisted living" amenities.

Some writers "toured" Hovnanian communities in New Jersey and were "impressed", saying the "the clubhouse was magnificent. . . .", etc. According to a recent New York Times News Service article, NJ is the most densely populated state in the Nation. Overdevelopment is contaminating public water supplies and increasing the frequency of catastrophic floods. The EPA considers half the state’s rivers and streams to be polluted and NJ ranks 49th among the states in air quality. Traffic jams cause commuters there to spend more time driving than those of any other state. This is Kent Island with limited access on and off, and miles of fragile shoreline. Do we really want to plop this immense, NJ-style community in the middle of a critical Resource Conservation Area?


Nancy Koval

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