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March 16, 2001

Letter to the Editor
Chesapeake Business Ledger
P. O. Box 600
Easton, MD 21601

Dear Mr. Martin:

You wrote in the March Chesapeake Business Ledger a glowing testimonial on Four Seasons. I would like to respond with my own "debunking" of myths you seem to believe regarding opposition to Four Seasons. You point a finger at letter writers for "deliberately distorting the factual elements of this development", then go into great detail about a Fiscal Impact Analysis, saying it is not based on "hunches". The analysis is based on estimates and assumptions (OK, not EXACTLY "hunches"), takes no responsibility for inaccuracies in data sources used, and does not warrant that its forecasted results will be achieved.

Mr. Martin, you extol the virtues of "over 55" developments and their benefit to the existing community. This aspect of Four Seasons is NOT the issue with most of the opposition. The issue is its size and density on such environmentally fragile lands, and without adequate supporting infrastructure. You say Hovnanian will pay "its fair share" to improve the present traffic circle and sewage treatment plant. We would like to know exactly what that "fair share" is. A new sewage treatment plant, costing $33 million, must be built to accommodate build-out of Four Seasons, as the current 2 million gpd plant is not large enough for that amount of growth. At the current allocation rate of $3650 each, the 1350 households of Four Seasons will pay $4.9 million, the State pays $4.5 million, leaving $23.6 million. Who is going to pay the annual debt service on $23.6 million? How much of the $23.6 million and its resulting debt service will be paid by K. Hovnanian?

Four Seasons will add about 2700 vehicles for residents alone. One round trip each per day will increase vehicle trips on the Castle Marina Circle by 5400. And this is just residents! How about the workers who will be required to maintain a development of this size (with its recreational facilities, water lines, sewer lines and gas lines, plus six miles of roads), deliveries, visitors, and County vehicles performing routine sewer maintenance in this private, gated community? How can anyone imagine that even with "improvements" this one road can or should handle all that added traffic? There is currently no plan for a Dundee Road overpass according to the State Highway Administration. When such an overpass does become a necessity it will be years before it is mapped, funded, right of ways purchased and built!

The Kent Island Defense League has spent huge amounts of time gathering information, and does not intentionally distort the "factual elements of this development". Yes, weíve seen some Letters to the Editor that might contain factual inaccuracies, but these appear to be innocent exaggerations by citizens, not motivated by greed, who are emotionally distraught over the prospect of this behemoth being built.

Please stop trying to convince us of Four Seasonsí merits compared to a "conventional neighborhood of the same size". The point is WE DONíT WANT ANY NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE "SAME SIZE"on such environmentally fragile lands, and without adequate infrastructure. We donít need a bus trip to New Jersey to convince us otherwise.


Michael S. Koval, Vice President
Kent Island Defense League, LLC

cc: Sandra Early, Exec. Assít Q. A. County Chamber of Commerce
Jim Sowden, Pres. Q. A. County Chamber of Commerce
Angela Price, Editor Bay Times

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