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March 9, 2001

Board of Commissioners of Queen Anne's County
107 No. Liberty Street
Centerville, MD  21617

Dear Commissioners:

No wonder that the health of the Chesapeake Bay gets another failing grade by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation partly because Kent Isle continues to be devoured by sprawl such as the proposed growth allocation petition submitted by Four Seasons.  Their revised proposal to develop 1330 single family dwellings, 35,000 square feet community center, and community pier located in the Stevensville and Chester River growth areas is ludicrous and diametrically opposite from achieving the objectives of the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act and Critical Area Protection Program.

Please do not support the Four Seasons environmentally damaging project.  Re-classifying 300 acres of resource conservation area to an intensely developed asphalt and concrete jungle will pollute the Kent Island water shed; add more traffic congestion and car/truck pollution; require more social, health, and educational services at additional taxpayers’ expense; overwhelm the sewage treatment plant that has already discharged untreated effluent in the Western shore bay waters off Kent Island; potentially damage and possibly deplete the remaining fresh water supply by drilling down 1000 feet into the Patapsco Aquifer; reduce further wild life habitat and further damage to irreversible degrading health of Chester River and the Chesapeake Bay.

Don’t destroy Kent Island by intensively over-developing God’s Country.  Your “No” Vote to the Four Seasons proposal is critical to preserving and protecting our environment and maintaining the quality of life that we have cherished at Love Point since 1944.

Respectfully yours,

Stan & Dreama Polyanski

Stevensville (Love Point) MD

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