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To:  Board of Commissioners of Q. A. County
107 No. Liberty St.
Centreville, MD  21617
Cc e-mail:  qacc@qac.org; 

Date:  March 9, 2001

Subject: Four Seasons Project

Dear Commissioners,

Over the last several months, I’ve have followed the Four Seasons project with great interest, and have tried to maintain a balanced view of the proposal and commend you for the manner in which you have conducted your business. After much thought, it is my sincere opinion that the approval and construction of the Four Seasons development is not in the overall best interests of the residents of Kent Island, or Queen Anne’s County, and I, therefore, urge you to not approve the project.

I have only four years ago, (upon marriage), come to live on Kent Island.  I have spent the majority of my adult years living in northern New England, much touted for its unusually “green” and highly-environmentally-conscious residents.  As I am of like mind, I assimilated well with Kent Island life at first - the small town charm, humble atmosphere, and unique (albeit, delicate) Bay environ.

In this short time, however, I have become alarmingly aware of the damage that the existing population is wreaking on the Island.  Being an avid walker and bicycle rider, I have noticed at very close hand the increasing amount of trash being deposited upon the roadsides. Sunday drives up Route 8 reveal yet new, and unfortunately no-longer-unusual, boxes and bags and parcels of unwanted stuff bounced from the backs of open trucks and left lying in the roadways - no doubt never having made it to the dump.  I recently read a letter to the editor of one of the local papers from someone crying that they no longer see the ‘wild animals’ that not so long ago familiarly roamed the open land of Kent Island.  To that I responded that I do, indeed, see them - more likely than not dead on the sides of the trash-laden roads - having been forced from their natural habitat and home by the unnaturally high rate of “development” and struck down by one of the too many resulting vehicles.  I will not even discuss my horror at the amount of “rip-rapping” occurring at the island edges!

The first book my new husband had me borrow from the library was “Beautiful Swimmers.”  I learned from Lester of the strong Eastern Shore fellowship and camaraderie that has existed among its people, of their pride and defense of this wonderful place they own as their home.  What I am see now is a weakening of these historic ties, and the allowance of big city-dwelling and developing so-called “chicken-necker” infiltration in the name of the great almighty “dollar.”  What I fear most is that it will be too late a day that Kent Islanders will wake up, smell the coffee, and realize they have allowed their beautiful and tiny piece of land to become destroyed.

Please understand, I am not opposed to growth, providing it is accomplished in a logical and analytical manner and addresses all the possible impacts, benefits, and effects on the island, its ecology, the county infrastructure, and the residents of Kent Island and Queen Anne’s county.  As I am concerned at the impact the existing population is having on Kent Island, I can honestly say that I would never support a project of the magnitude of the proposed Four Seasons at any time.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this letter.  I hope you will search your own consciences for the right answer, and wholeheartedly reject this project.

Sincerely yours,

Carrie Callahan
Stevensville, MD

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