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Four Seasons 

I take exception to actions of the Four Seasons developers to monopolize the hearing on Feb. 27, which was held to consider the rezoning of 293 acres in the critical area of Kent Island. 

They invited "supporters," including outsiders who had shown interest in buying and dollar-dazzled local business people, to a local restaurant for food and cocktails. These people were ushered to the hearing early, so everyone could be signed up to speak, following the 45-minute advertisement they presented. 

I live on Kent Island, but had to leave work early and come to the hearing without dinner. Many residents brought children in order to attend, and could not stay late. It is an outrage that the Four Seasons promoters attempted to circumvent our legal process by launching a virtual filibuster. It is ironic that some of this group bragged about what great citizens they would make. 

I am hoping that procedures will prevent such abuse of process at future hearings. And I am concerned about the weight that could be given to studies and forecasts that intend to support the developer's plans, not to enlighten our citizens and commissioners. 

Consider that no matter how much infrastructure is provided, there are only two routes off the island. Consider what happens when an incident occurs on one of those bridges. How many people will die trying to reach emergency services? And how many deaths are worth the potential profits for the wealthy few?

Chester, MD

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Published April 4,, 2001, The Capital, Annapolis, Md.
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