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March 5, 2001

Commissioners of Queen Anneís County
107 N. Liberty Street
Centreville, Maryland  21617

Dear Commissioners:

Having attended the February 27, 2001 meeting on Four Seasons we observed a tremendous amount of emotion from the taxpaying citizen.   But emotions donít count, only facts.

It is a fact that now, pre-Four Seasons development, from approximately June 15th to September 15th, the traffic on 50/301 spills onto the back access roads of Kent Island, especially westbound Route 18.  When the Bay Bridge backs up, or slows, returning-home beach vacationers prefer to use Rt. 18 westbound, thinking they will afford themselves a shortcut.  All they do is clog Rt. 18 to the point where we locals cannot get to the store, church or wherever our destination may be.  On an occasion or two our emergency services had difficulty getting out of their facility, which is on
Rt. 18.

Do you think approving the development of 1500 homesites, which will bring not only approximately 3000 new citizens as well as 3000 automobiles, campers and RVs, will alleviate our congestion during the beach months?  We think not.  What it will do is cause an even more congested area.

The Bay Bridge backs up more and more frequently. We have been travelling this bridge every day for almost 30 years and it seems that the slightest little mishap backs it up.  These backups donít always happen during the summer.  And whether the season is summer, fall, winter or spring, Rt. 18 westbound becomes Gridlock Alley.

Development, within reason, is expected.  1500 homesites with one ingress and egress is just ludicrous; especially when these sites are adjacent to Route 18 - westbound!

Very truly yours,

Mike and Mindy Voelker
Chester, MD

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