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Richard Moser's June 14th Public Comments Click Here

The most recent development related to Four Seasons has been Queen Anne's County Resolution #01-13   which documents the Commissioner's "proposal to approve" the Four Season's plan if certain conditions are met. These conditions, if met, will not adequately protect the environment nor maintain or improve the quality of life for existing citizens on Kent Island. Our Commissioners did not honor the request of 2,198 voting citizens who signed a petition requesting denial of growth allocation for the project on November 7, 2000. Many issues raised by concerned citizens at several well-attended public hearings have not been adequately addressed by these "conditions".

In 1998, citizens did not object to the adoption of the Stevensville and Chester Master Plans because they were told these plans would result in positive and beneficial changes for the community - revitalized Main Street, a golf course, open spaces and parkland, etc.(Item A)  Community leaders who were members of the Citizens Advisory Committees of both Plans have informed the Commissioners of their objection to the Four Seasons project (Item B) and (Item C).  In November 1999, Our Commissioners eliminated the annual Sewer Allocation Policy  (a cap on the amount of allocation which could be given per year) which helped limit growth (Item D).  Also, in spite of what you may have heard and read, the KNSG sewer plant is operating within its permit and there is no mandate from any agency to upgrade or replace the plant (Item F).  Based on the information obtained from the County's Rt 8 Corridor Study,  it appears all new KNSG sewer capacity could very well be used for new development without providing relief for failing septics on south Kent Island. The above information does not present a bright future for the citizens living on Kent Island. We will likely suffer the effects of inadequate roads, overcrowded schools and stressed emergency services, (See letter from K. Hovnanian to KIVFD, Item E and Star Democrat article from 5-14-01, Commission Eyes...) as well as higher taxes, a degraded environment and a significantly reduced quality of life.

In an effort to avoid this reduced quality of life, the KIDL has filed an appeal of the approval of the 1 million gallon per day increase in the MDE discharge permit for sewage effluent at the KNSG plant. The KIDL can also appeal decisions made by the Critical Area Commssion, the Planning Commission, and the Commissioners. These appeals could well result in significant changes to existing development proposals. Pursuing these appeals will require significant volunteer time and financial resources which the KIDL is actively seeking from its members and other concerned citizens of Queen Anne's County.

The KIDL encourages Queen Anne's County residents to continue to write the County Commissioners and the newspapers  to express their opinions on the conditional approval of Four Seasons' Growth Allocation, as well as other growth issues facing Kent Island and the County.  The League also encourages active participation in the new Comprehensive Plan  now being considered by attending meetings  scheduled for review of the latest draft.

Planning Commission hearing on Four Season's Growth Allocation and Sketch/Concept Plan approval.

Public Comments made for the Kent Island Defense League by Richard Moser...

and Public Comments made by Richard Moser
June 14, 2001

Good afternoon.

I am Richard Moser of (address given, but not placed on internet)  Chester.

I am also the President of the Kent Island Defense League.

The concerns of the Kent Island Defense League are :

1) Shore and wetland buffers on this proposal are inconsistent with the
Queen Anne's County Critical Area Program and the 1993 Comprehensive Plan.

2) There is a lack of clustering required by the Queen Anne's County Critical
Area Program.

3) MDE requires Stormwater Management guidelines to be revised by July 1. 
We ask that you insure this project  comply with those revisions.

4) The Growth Allocation for this one project is excessive. It represents about
30% of the amount available for the  entire county.

5) An adequate analysis of the effects of placing new water and sewer
pipelines through sensitive areas has not been performed.

6) An adequate study of the traffic impacts on existing roads and
infrastructure has not been performed.

7) The conversion of RCA to IDA in an area not served by existing sewer
violates the Queen Anne's County Critical  Area Program.

8) This project is inconsistent with the concepts of Open Space and
Countryside Districts contained in the 1993 Comprehensive Plan.

As a private citizen and as a member of the Chester community, I am concerned over why we are here.

These are the minutes from the August 21, 1997 meeting of the Stevensville Citizens Advisory Meeting.

They document a presentation to the citizens for development on the Bittorf and Tanner properties.

Read from the minutes : "The plan showed 490 acres devoted to residential areas, community facilities and open space, a golf course and a relocated County trail system diverted along the Tanner property waterfront."

(Placed the copy of the minutes in front of Dr. Foor.)

People who attended said 400 homes were discussed.

The citizens approved of the Community Plans and the related zoning changes because they thought their community and their quality of life would be improved. The concept plan as presented will do neither. I believe this development will reduce our quality of life and further degrade the environment. 

We already have traffic problems which frequently create a public safety hazard. The Castle Marina/Benton Road connector road suggested in the Community Plans will not be possible, and will not relieve existing traffic problems. Advertisements indicate residents will spend over $5 million per year on autos and over $6 million per year on food, one-half of which will be at outside restaurants. Many of these people will be driving outside the hours of 10 to 3 while hunting for their next meal, increasing existing traffic problems.

The Community Plans charged the Planning Commission with negotiating on behalf of the Community. 
I request that you deny approval and negotiate a better arrangement for the Communities involved.

Thank you.

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