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County's reception of FASTC has far-reaching implications 

Throwing down the gauntlet

Four Seasons revisited – with a vengeance! 

Process of elimination

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To Defend And Preserve The Quality of Life in Queen Anne's County
Welcome to the Kent Island Defense League!  Our mission is to defend and preserve the environment and quality of life in Queen Anne's County through responsible growth, to find ways to maintain growth at a sustainable level, to educate citizens to the process, and to make sure our elected officials and public servants hear the voices of their constituents and are held accountable for problems related to unchecked growth.
Please Vote.  It Does Make A Difference.
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Save Our Schools From Over Crowding! Question A
Save Our Local Businesses! Question B
VOTE AGAINST Questions A & B 

Please Read The Star Democrat Article Below!
Business Queen Anne's (BQA) Accused Of: 
"...running advertisements in local papers that are false, 
misleading and in violation of the Maryland Election Laws..."

Ballot committee files formal complaint against BQA
Star Democrat Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 11:48 am
By DAN BALDWIN Staff Writer

CENTREVILLE - The Committee to Protect QAC Great Schools has formally filed a complaint against Business Queen Anne's with the Maryland Board of Elections and the Office of the State Prosecutor Oct. 22.

Committee Chairman Suzanne Hogan filed the complaint which alleges BQA of running advertisements in local papers that are false, misleading and in violation of the Maryland Election Laws governing campaign finances and advertising in referendum elections. The Committee is a registered ballot committee in opposition to Question A Revisions to Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance and claims BQA is producing unlawful advertisements that are in favor of Question A.

"Those of us who are against the Revisions to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance very diligently set up a ballot committee in accordance with the law and the Board of Election guidelines," Hogan said. "Business Queen Anne's, an established pro-growth group which favors gutting our APFO and over-crowding our schools, has not. By launching their ad campaign without registering and reporting as a ballot committee, they are acting unlawfully. They're not reporting their contributors, thereby concealing from local voters where their funding is coming from."

Hogan said she along with the rest of the committee have repeatedly looked and have not found any evidence that BQA has formed a ballot committee related to either Questions A or B, nor have they made the report to the Elections Board that they should have.

You can see by looking at their ads that they do not contain an authority line of the kind required by law. All that makes them illegal and in violation of Maryland law, she said.

BQA President Camille O'Donnell said the organization has not yet seen the complaint and the organization is unable to comment on the complaint.

"We respectfully ask you (Maryland Board of Elections) and the Office of the State Prosecutor to investigate this matter and take appropriate action," the complaint said. "As they consider how they will vote on Questions A and B, the citizens of this County are being subjected, on an ongoing basis, to unlawful FOR ads, while we who are AGAINST are obeying the law. This is unfair both to us and to the citizens."

VOTE AGAINST Questions A & B
Business Queen Anne's news link for above

More about BQA: 
Start with this one from the 2010 Election: BQA incorrect "facts"

Interesting letter to the KIDL from a Realtor regarding BQA incorrect "facts" and other issues.  Click Here
More Letters to the Editor regarding BQA/ Election.  Also a letter from last December about BQA true agenda that seems to be right on in light of the recent facts regarding BQA.

Heads up on a website/blog  was launched in late August 2010 and is being updated frequently so check it regularly. 

A MUST READ - BQA endorsed candidates Paul Gunther, and Steve Arentz

A posting of PaveOurCounty contains a link to a letter Mr. Mareen Waterman (Realtor/ Developer) dated July 27, 2010 sent out with candidate comments and endorsements of the Business Queen Anne's (BQA) – Friends of Queen Anne's County PAC and a copy of his $4,000 check (maximum legal limit) to Friends of Queen Anne's County PAC asking the recipient to match it.  You have to read the letter to believe it.

The blog also has interesting information about BQA endorsed candidates Paul Gunther, and Steve Arentz  , as well as  "The Cartel's Unemployment Lie" , " The 6.5% Lie" and  "The Developer Cartel" .  Please Click to

Interesting letter to the KIDL from a Realtor regarding BQA incorrect "facts" and other issues.  Click Here
More Letters to the Editor regarding BQA/ Election.  Also a letter from last December about BQA true agenda that seems to be right on in light of the recent facts regarding BQA.
From the KIDL
After yesterday’s emailer from Winn Krozack, we had some questions about Route 8 sewer.  Below is Winn’s response.  Other candidates (from both parties) have also stated clearly and publicly their position and understanding of Kent Island/Route 8 issues. 

Rt 8 Sewer Response from Winn Krozack – also made publicly at the League of Women Voters Forum.

I am highly opposed to running the sewer down Route 8.  The County and State are in budgetary crisis.  We are in a recession.  The consequences have the potential to bankrupt the County and are unacceptable.   read more

Broderick, Simmons, Frohn, Gannon, Jackson, Dunmyer also go on the record.  To read their comments click here

A few things to keep you updated on the Route 8 sewer issue and Something to consider as you talk to the various candidates.

Mr. Mareen Waterman attended the Route 8 Sewer Public Meeting that was held earlier this summer. He spoke in strong favor of the Route 8 sewer and also said that issues relating to infrastructure (traffic, schools, emergency services etc) should not be considered as a part of any decision.  Through the years, the Waterman family has accumulated approximately 20 vacant lots in Romancoke and Kent Island Estates that are currently not buildable.  Of course sewer would change the status of their lots.

Mr. Waterman is also President of Business Queen Anne's.  This is the group that has been running an ad campaign for a year or more in the Update and supporting certain candidates that are sometimes referred to as the "Developer Cartel".

More recently, in July, Mr. Waterman distributed a letter urging financial support to the Friends of Queen Anne's County PAC, a political organization funding and endorsing candidates in the local commissioner race.  With his letter he attached a copy of his personal check showing his contribution of $4,000, the maximum legal contribution, urging others to do the same. Click Here to read the letter.

By now, you may have received a couple mailings from this Friends of Queen Anne's County PAC supporting certain candidates.  So if you are concerned about where the candidates stand on the Route 8 sewer, keep all this in mind as you make your decisions.

The League of Women Voters forum on August 19, 2010 was video taped and put on YouTube (in 15 minute increments).  If you weren’t able to attend, here’s an easy way to watch.  Election is coming up.

Democrats: (Winn Krozack, Jack Broderick, Neal Jackson, Joe Gannon, Howard Dean (Paul Gunther didn’t attend) more

Republicans: (Frank Frohn, David Dunmyer, Bob Simmons, Bob Foley, Steve Arentz, Mansfield, Richard Smith, Phil Dumenil, Dave Olds) more

Route 8 Southern Kent Island (SKI) Sewer Extension

Route 8 Sewer News

Route 8 Sewer Letters

Current Status of KIDL - March 2010

Recent emails received from past elected officials (County Commissioners George O'Donnell and John McQueeney) questioned the current status of Kent Island Defense League (KIDL).  Mr. McQueeney also asked that certain items be removed from the KIDL website -  He has filed to run again in the upcoming 2010 election, after being defeated in the primary in 2002 and 2006. 

KIDL was officially formed in 2001.  It was started by a group of citizen volunteers who felt QAC was on the verge of explosive growth that would degrade our valuable natural resources, destroy the quality of life that we treasure, and also create a tax burden for the many infrastructure and capital improvements that would become necessary.  At the center of the citizens' concerns was the proposed Four Seasons development (1,350 units on the Chester River) and Gibson's Grant (750 units on the Chester River right next to Four Seasons).  At that time there were 3 elected County Commissioners (George O'Donnell, John McQueeney, Marlene Davis).

KIDL's goal was to raise public awareness and present the public's views to the decision makers.  There was overwhelming support in the community, witnessed by thousands of signatures on petitions and hours of testimony at public hearings.  QAC's elected and appointed officials had lost the trust and confidence of their constituents and, in frustration, there had been a successful referendum to increase the Commissioner board from 3 to 5 members for the 2002 elections.  None of the incumbents were reelected in that 2002 election.

Then in 2007, the Maryland State Board of Public Works (O'Malley, Franchot, Kopp) denied Four Seasons' wetlands license and essentially stopped this project of 1350 homes on Kent Island.   The developer, K. Hovnanian, is currently appealing this decision through the court system.  The future of this project will likely be decided by the outcome of the 2010 State elections, rather than the court.  Meanwhile, the developers of Gibson's Grant had taken a different approach and received county approvals by redesigning their plan to increase shoreline buffers and reduce the number of homes from 750 to 260.  Houses are currently under construction and for sale there.  If you wish to visit their website click to

KIDL dissolved its legal status as a Limited Liability Company and stopped accepting dues or contributions in 2007.  KIDL volunteers have kept this website online and have informally kept the lines of communication open as a community email list, occasionally sending out news articles and other public information. 

This website contains invaluable history of this period in Queen Anne's County.  It includes public testimony, official documents, letters to the editor, news articles and more.  The volunteers who keep this up do so because this history should be documented - not forgotten.

Please Note:  All External Links May Not Work. 
Websites Change Often, Along With Elected Officials.
 I Apologize For Any Dead Links. 
I am a volunteer and have limited time to update this site. KIDL Web Guy

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Gibson's Grant, Past  Commissioners, etc.
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Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC)

State Department nixes foreign affairs facility on Eastern Shore
The State Department has abandoned plans for a Foreign Affairs Security Training Center at the Hunt Ray/Crismer Farm site on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, reopening its site selection process in the wake of fierce opposition from nearby residents.  read more

FASTC PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT read official announcement 

Proposed State Dept. training center 

MAP SOURCE: | The Washington Post - February 23, 2010

Click Here For the FASTC News Section

FASTC Letters
Click Here for the FASTC Letters Section

The note below was emailed to us requesting distribution to everyone.  As background, on Tuesday (12/22/09) the County Commissioners will be interviewing several candidates for 2 Planning Commission seats.  Depending on their decision, Kent Island is likely to lose 2 Planning Commission members who actually live on Kent Island and understand the many geographic realities Kent Islanders face – one-way in/one-way out road systems, anticipating beach traffic/bridge gridlock, having to “head east before going west” (or vice versa).

If this happens, we would lose a valuable Kent Island representative in the very midst of the comprehensive plan process.  The Citizens Advisory Committee and the various Topic Committees brought forward some very good recommendations.  Now it is in front of the Planning Commission to hopefully implement these recommendations.  Steve urges below that it is important for Kent Islanders to contact Commissioners Wargotz and Billups (; and tell them your views on why they should not appoint a professional developer or anyone with extensive real-estate holdings in QA County to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Dear KIDL:

I continue to be concerned that the local Land Development Cartel is flexing their muscle to apply undue influence on the QAC Government, especially the Planning & Zoning Commission. It appears they've convinced or pressured a few of the QA County Commissioners to see things their way. This should be very concerning for ALL of the citizens of QA County, especially those who enjoy the remaining natural resources. I'd appreciate if you would send the following commentary to the KIDL e-mail recipients.
 Many Thanks,  Steve Kougoures

Business Queen Anne's True Agenda

Our neighbors from Business Queen Anne's (BQA) have been developing some imaginative newspaper ads and attending County Commissioner's meetings with rhetoric designed to get us all to think that the current global economic downturn is being worsened by the Commissioners and Planning Commissioners of Queen Anne's County. We all know that business is bad and workers, especially tradesmen, are suffering everywhere. Business in Maryland is bad, some businesses are closing, many commercial properties are empty and conditions in states like Florida are horrible! Homes are not selling in QA County, or anywhere else, and yet BQA is advertising that all would be better if the County would just let them increase development.  That's what they're really saying and it's absurd! Otherwise, why would they target the Planning Commissioners? One of their recent fairy-tales includes a drawing of a charming castle that could be QA County. If they were honest, the picture of what they want for QAC would include row after row of condos and enough fast food restaurants lining Rt. 50 to make it look like Glen Burnie. Times are tough and that's no reason to panic or abandon the excellent balance that the current Commissioners and their Planning Commissioners have crafted to preserve this beautiful County that many of us love. Don't be fooled, stay the course and help one another, because if our County is ever overbuilt, the legendary QA quality of life will be simply a memory. I strongly urge all of you to contact Commissioner Wargotz and Commissioner Billups and tell them your views on why they should not appoint a professional developer or anyone with extensive real-estate holdings in QA County to the Planning & Zoning Commission. Best regards for a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and a wonderful holiday season!
Steve Kougoures

KIDL Web Guy Note: Barry Waterman (Realtor/ Developer) was appointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Barry is the son of Realtor/ Developer Mareen Waterman and is married to Diana Waterman

Four Seasons

Of course many of you are wondering - what the heck is going on?  So far there is still no news.  The original Queen Anne's Conservation Association “maps case” is pending a court decision.  The Hovnanian appeal of the State’s Board of Public Works denial of state license is pending.  Wonder how this might play out with election next year if O’Malley/Franchot are not re-elected – whether a new board could go ahead and grant the license and/or decide not to defend decision?    read more

Chester Haven Beach Property – approximately 175+ residential units

This property is located off Piney Creek Road, next to Gibsons Grant – on the Chester River just past the entrance into the ExtraMart.  It is on the County Commissioners agenda for meeting this Tuesday (8/25) for amendment into the master sewer and water plan.  Lots of history and issues on this.  Will put out something more complete.  This property is referred to as the Brown Property or Chester Haven Beach.

QAC Comprehensive Plan

At this point, the recommendations are “no more major subdivision development on Kent Island” (hmmm, where have we heard this before?), no more IDA (intense development) zoning in critical areas, no more major subdivision development on agriculture zoned land and ag zoning of 1 in 25 (similar to some neighboring counties).  These recommendations seem to represent the majority citizen input from all the visioning workshops as compiled into a Vision Report.

However the final meeting of the Citizen Advisory Committee for the County’s Comprehensive Plan is this Monday, 8/24 – in the Planning and Zoning meeting room at 160 Courseval Drive, Centreville.  Starting at 3:00 the CAC will review maps and Topic Committee recommendations.  At 6:30, the CAC and all the Topic Committee members will meet.  There will undoubtedly be lots of push-back and all this could be lost.  Your attendance and support is especially important this time – because QAC commissioners adopted a provision that strengthens our Comprehensive Plans.  Whatever the CAC recommends will go to the Planning Commissioners in September.
Vineyards of Queen Anne's (old Walmart Property Pier One Road)

The owner of the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club plans to expand his weddings-and-special events empire on Kent  Island to include a hotel, restaurants, a spa, an event center, shops and even a working vineyard. Thanks to the Capital and Pamela Wood for a very complete article.  Read the aticle

How to fight developer and win
Liam Farrell - The Capital June 17, 2007
K. Hovnanian to Appeal Four Seasons Denial

Four Seasons
Wetlands License Denied!

WBAL TV Video:
Development Along Waterfront Rejected
Windows Media Player Required
If Unable To View  - Click Here

Where Is Four Seasons?
Four Seasons Map Overview Link

Note from KIDL: There have been lots of articles since the State’s decision to deny Four Seasons license on May 23, 2007.  Made front-page news in just about every paper you can think of.  Below is an Editorial from Sunday’s Capital and an article from Sunday’s Baltimore Sun.  BUT - the one point that seems to keep being overlooked here – the citizens of Kent Island were the original “victims” - first mislead about the scale of this development in 1997, (click for more info) then ignored and further victimized by lame-duck commissioners signing agreements (O'Donnell, McQueeney, and Davis signed the DRRA just One Week after all three lost in the Primary Election)– and it’s taken all these years for the concept of common sense to emerge from a decision-making body.

If you have not written to thank the Governor and Comptroller – please do it now.

Please Call Or Send Email Of Thanks To:
Governor Martin O'Malley 
Comptroller Peter Franchot 
This was a landmark vote and signals a new, positive direction for Maryland's environment.  More importantly, this historic vote will go a long way towards protection and restoration of the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay.  Your Riverkeeper, Tony Prochaska, testified against the permit citing the harm that would result to the Chester River, Macum Creek, and Cox Creek. Governor O’Malley referenced Tony’s testimony in his closing statement when he voted against the project. Comptroller Peter Franchot also voted against the project. 

Although this project is not completely dead, this process has begun an important dialog at the state level highlighting the need to strengthen Maryland’s environmental laws to protect the Chester River and the Chesapeake Bay. 

Click For News Regarding The Appeal

Click To Read News AFTER The Four Seasons Vote

Click To Read News Prior To The Four Seasons Vote

Recent Eastern Shore Growth News   |   Archived News (Good Info There)

Read Recent Four Seasons Letters.

Bill Evans -  Four Seasons Revisited...

Commissioner Meetings are held every
Tuesday evening at 6:00 &
the first Wednesday morning 
of each month at 8:00 a.m.
Liberty Building in Centreville,
107 N. Liberty Street. 
Press & Public Comment, your chance
to speak to the Commissioners,
immediately follows the opening of the meeting. 

They are televised on 
Atlantic Broadband Cable Channel 7
on Thursdays and Fridays 7 - 9 P.M.

Click to Search the QAC Website  (mail to this address goes to all 5 Commissioners)

We believe that RESPONSIBLE GROWTH must be made a priority – responsible growth that is carefully planned, managed and controlled, and will enhance both our quality of life and the unique character of our community.

Please join us as we seek to maintain/improve
our Quality of Life & Environment

Read Letters
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The Kent Island Defense League, originally organized by 15 citizens concerned with growth issues, has since enlisted many community leaders and community groups.  Click HERE to be added to our e-mailing list!

The League has or still is :
  • Coordinating with other community organizations on Kent Island and in Queen Anne's County. 
  • Networked with anti Wal-Mart and Site 104 groups, and anti-sprawl groups in Queen Anne's and adjoining counties as well as the western shore.
  • Pursued appeals of the MDE permit to increase sewage effluent discharge into the Bay.
  • Investigating the actual current sewage discharge of the KNSG Treatment plant.
  • Pursued legal actions appealing the State Critical Area Commission's approval of the Four Seasons' growth allocation; and seeking judicial review on the determination of "deficiency" of the Citizens' Petition for Referendum of the County's Ordinance granting growth allocation to Four Seasons.
  • Examining other large development plans that have been submitted to the county.

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