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Ballot committee files formal complaint against BQA

Star Democrat Posted: Saturday, November 3, 2012 11:48 am
By DAN BALDWIN Staff Writer

CENTREVILLE - The Committee to Protect QAC Great Schools has formally filed a complaint against Business Queen Anne's with the Maryland Board of Elections and the Office of the State Prosecutor Oct. 22.

Committee Chairman Suzanne Hogan filed the complaint which alleges BQA of running advertisements in local papers that are false, misleading and in violation of the Maryland Election Laws governing campaign finances and advertising in referendum elections. The Committee is a registered ballot committee in opposition to Question A Revisions to Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance and claims BQA is producing unlawful advertisements that are in favor of Question A.

"Those of us who are against the Revisions to the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance very diligently set up a ballot committee in accordance with the law and the Board of Election guidelines," Hogan said. "Business Queen Anne's, an established pro-growth group which favors gutting our APFO and over-crowding our schools, has not. By launching their ad campaign without registering and reporting as a ballot committee, they are acting unlawfully. They're not reporting their contributors, thereby concealing from local voters where their funding is coming from."

Hogan said she along with the rest of the committee have repeatedly looked and have not found any evidence that BQA has formed a ballot committee related to either Questions A or B, nor have they made the report to the Elections Board that they should have.

You can see by looking at their ads that they do not contain an authority line of the kind required by law. All that makes them illegal and in violation of Maryland law, she said.

BQA President Camille O'Donnell said the organization has not yet seen the complaint and the organization is unable to comment on the complaint.

"We respectfully ask you (Maryland Board of Elections) and the Office of the State Prosecutor to investigate this matter and take appropriate action," the complaint said. "As they consider how they will vote on Questions A and B, the citizens of this County are being subjected, on an ongoing basis, to unlawful FOR ads, while we who are AGAINST are obeying the law. This is unfair both to us and to the citizens."

Save Our Schools From Over Crowding! (Question A)
Save Our Local Businesses!  (Question B)
Vote AGAINST Questions A and B
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