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  County has something to laugh about.  I’m told by Charter Communications that we’ll finally be getting Comedy Central  on our cable lineup beginning either June 1 or June 4, along with Cartoon Network, National Geographic and a couple other channels. If you know my history with this you’d expect me to be ecstatic, and I really am. However, the fact that our rates are also going up leaves me $2.04 shy of laughing out loud. 

  Aliens prepare for landing. A spaceship full of Walmartians was sighted last week hovering over Pier One Road looking for a landing site after Judge Sause overturned his decision from last fall to uphold the sanitary commission's denial of sewer and water allocations sought for Kent Commons. 

   Stevensville closes early. An accident on the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge last Wednesday morning caused a two-mile backup on Route 50, while the spillover onto Main Street backed up to Castle Marina Road making it nearly impossible to drive through Stevensville or get from Chester to Route 8 and Kent Island South. Locals wondered if this wasn’t a preview of what they might expect after a town more populous than Centreville is plopped down smack in the middle of this environmentally sensitive area with one way in, one way out.

  Jimmy goes to Washington. The following report came from hearings conducted by the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries in response to blue crab shortages in the Chesapeake Bay. “Virginia scientists admit that winter dredging cannot possibly help crab stocks and they know it poses a natural disadvantage to Maryland’s upper Bay crabbers. But try as they may they have not yet found any real statistical basis for its prohibition.” This quote was taken from William W. Warner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book Beautiful Swimmers. The hearings were in July 1968!

  Parris goes bonkers. Two weeks ago Gov. Parris N. Glendening proposed lopping off the month of November from the crab season. In response, Blue Crab/Conservation Coalition president Terrence Conway argued, "Prohibiting crabbing in November would just transfer the crab catch and the income to Virginia!" 

  K.I. Defense League on line. The Kent Island Defense League has launched a new web site at: They deserve credit for one of the most professional and informative web sites I’ve seen on this side of the bridge. With public meetings coming May 29, 30 and 31on the updated Q.A. Comprehensive Plan, you’ll find a link to the written plan itself, and be able to see (and download) maps of proposed growth areas on K.I. and throughout the county.

  You’ll also be able to read a recent Boston Globe story about homeowner lawsuits involving “slanted floors, bowed walls, and a variety of other problems” in an upscale K. Hovnanian development in Howell Township, New Jersey.  And read about ”…sworn accusations of free liquor and other gratuities distributed to local building inspectors by Hovnanian, and dozens of instances in which the firm started construction without permits and required inspections.” 

  I’d ask the New Jersey developers to respond to this story, but believe I already know what their answer will be.


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