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Things are getting crazy again
Two Cents Worth
by Bill Evans, The Bay Times May 7, 2003

The Friends of Four Seasons charged that County Commissioner Gene Ransom was derelict in his duties to the citizens for "doing what he promised he would do in his campaign."

The convoluted reasoning they used to arrive at this conclusion made me laugh out loud. It also made a convincing case for why these people truly belong inside a gated community.

By the way, does anyone know the real reason why a couple dozen people (many from the other side) got together and formed a club to be "friends" of a commercial real estate development that doesn't exist? I believe these people should make every effort to get a life before it's too late.

Planning Co-Director Steve Cahoon declares that as long as people from the western shore use Route 50 to reach the beach that Kent Island will always have traffic. Tell me you can think about this for more than a minute without your brain exploding.

And finally last week, right next to my column on page 6 was a commentary on shore growth issues by Tom Martin. I had recently read this commentary in a business publication that he edits so I recognized it as a shorter, toned down version of the original article. In the original article the headline was: "Political slime is tilting the 'level playing field'." 

I admit I've never been smart enough to understand anything Martin writes, and this article was no exception, however the reference to political slime, which I do understand, strikes me as a little heavy handed, as does everything I've heard on the growth  issue  coming  from spokespersons representing the Queen Anne's business community.

On second thought, perhaps heavy-handed falls short of describing their tone and demeanor. Apoplectic rage comes a little closer to what I had in mind.

I can only assume that they don't understand how difficult it is to assign credibility to a voice that quakes with anger, resentment and desperation.

I know they don't understand how much credibility they lose when they refer to anyone who disagrees with them as a NIMBY or no-growth advocate. This tired and trite tactic is so juvenile it's not to be taken seriously.

I'm personally saddened by what's going on because my perception of Queen Anne's business leaders is nothing like the unfortunate image being created of them.

The Queen Anne's businessmen I've gotten to know over the past 15 years here, and that's a lot of them, are intelligent, thoughtful human beings who genuinely care about the community and have been more than generous with their time and money in support of it.

If I were them I'd be giving serious thought to how they're being painted to the people of Queen Anne's County by the groups and spokespersons that claim to speak for them.

They deserve better.

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