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Cleaning out my desk.

“Bill, you’re getting away from what you enjoy,” said Jeanette checking last week’s column before I turned it in. “This isn’t funny.”

“Damn right! And what’s been happening in the county hasn’t been funny, either,” I screamed, veins standing out on my neck the size of anchor lines. 

“Go to your room immediately and calm down,” she ordered.

I left in the general direction she was pointing. It was several minutes before I realized I didn’t have a room!

“What are you pouting about now,” she asked when I returned.

“I don’t have a room,” I whined.

“Ohh, right,” she said. “Then go to your shed.”

I like my shed even though I’ve knocked myself silly on the roof at least a few hundred times because it doesn’t have enough headroom. But knocking myself silly has been pretty much a daily occurrence since…geez, I don’t know. I vaguely recall that as I was exiting my mother’s womb, I was holding my soft spot complaining to the doctor about the headroom in there. But since I’ve taken so many blows to the head during my lifetime, my memory isn’t that reliable. That’s why I keep notes and that may be my biggest problem right now.

I have all these notes on county issues which I intended to turn into columns that I almost certainly would agonize over. But during my time in the shed I decided Jeanette was right. I need to lighten up. So I’ve decided to unload the notes in this one column and see if the candidates can make sense of them. So here goes.

“Where do teens have to go in QA?  Talked to teens. Talked to county drug and rehab counselors. Much bigger problem than most think. Gotten a lot of lip service over the years, but zero action. Proposed YMCA couple years ago squelched by former commissioners. They said that was the domain of Parks & Rec suggesting they didn’t need help. Right! P&R’s done good for kids 12 and under, but zip for teens. Get YMCA back on track with the county behind them.” 

“Still have not seen a visionary, proactive plan for business development coming from the county. QA has incredible story for attracting highly sought after, environmentally friendly businesses. With an intelligent business plan we can effectively market the county to these businesses, create jobs, partner with Chesapeake College to provide computer literate workforce, and get wired (fiber optic). It’ll take time but what’s the hurry??? The county’s value continues to escalate with time.”

“Just saw revised county zoning ordinance. Queenstown being smart to read the small print. They could be the next to be blindsided!”

“Ordinance requiring developers to make at least 10 percent of their residential developments affordable housing has a nice political ring to it, but is it practical? Is it workable? The issue of affordable housing deserves it’s own plan, not one contingent on how many upscale homes we allow out-of-state developers to build, but on real need and a definition of ‘affordable’ based on this county’s demographic profile.

With all that off my back, I’m going to take a break and try to renergize some of the few brain cells I have left. See you in two weeks. 

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