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Voter's Forum 9-25

First the good news. 

The packed room Thursday evening had an almost festive feel to it, not something you might expect from what was ostensibly the first round of a political slugfest in a general election. 

The standing room only crowd attending the Bay Times' Voters Forum at the Kent Island Library was noticeably upbeat, almost buoyant, as the eleven candidates vying for five commissioner seats introduced themselves and fielded questions from the moderator.

We saw a lot of qualities across the wide podium that would bode well for the county's future.

A high level of intelligence and common sense with an impressive blend of professional backgrounds and experience.

A dogged determination to right wrongs and get things done. 

A knowledge of the issues that transcended the obvious and superficial.

A realistic assessment of how difficult the job will be.

And one quality I value above all others…a self-depreciating sense of humor. The ability to laugh at ones self should be mandatory for everyone running for political office in America.

I believe a lot of citizens left the meeting feeling as I did, optimistic that no matter which combination of candidates would eventually assume leadership of the county, Queen Anne's would be in good hands.

I had to remind myself that the elections are just beginning, and all of us have an obligation to learn as much as we can about each of the candidates in order to make an informed decision at the polls in November. 

But it's still a feel good situation.

Now the bad news!

There are some things that defy explanation.

The commissioners rushing to sign the Four Seasons DRRA agreement with K. Hovnanian is one of them.

Not only have a significant majority of Queen Anne's citizens made it absolutely clear to the commissioners that they were opposed to its signing, but in its current state the DRRA is a flawed document with omissions, incomplete documentation, and questionable legal language that has the potential to cause serious damage to the county sometime in the future. 

On a personal level, I was saddened because during the past couple years I have preferred to think that the commissioners took their stand in the face of formidable opposition because they truly believed they were doing what was best for the county. Once voted down, I convinced myself that they would exit with dignity and a little class. 

So I flunked Human Nature 101. 

But I'm guessing I wasn't alone.

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