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KIDL received a copy of this email for publication regarding the Route 8 Sewer and Water issue.

From: Frank Frohn [
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 9:53 AM
To: K. I. Fisherman (
Subject: RE:Important Information & Frank Frohn for Commissioner Barbeque July 22

My fellow K.I. Fishing Club Members,

Most of you donít know me, as I have only attended a couple of meetings.  I have been a MSSA member since Mr. Pivec made his plea to save the rockfish in the mid 80s.

I live in Romancoke and have been on the Planning Commission for five years three years as Chairman.  The issue that could cause great harm to our way of life and destroy the local fishery is the proposed Rt. 8 Sewer line.

Here are the facts and I would offer to come to your next meeting or a special meeting and present these facts and answer any questions you may have.  I would, also offer to invite two DNR biologist who have been involved in studies on impervious surfaces, resulting runoff and the devastating effects it causes.  Both biologist work at Matapeake..

The push to run the sewer line down Rt 8 has been talked about for years and a study has been completed by a consultant that shows various options.  It is pretty much agreed that the option to run the line to all vacant lots is the only one that will hold up in a Court of law.  There are slightly over 1600 vacant lots on southern Kent Island.  The developers are pushing the County Commissioners to run the sewer line.  In fact they are offering to buy up vacant lots already.

While it appears that the sewer line would reduce the nutrient load into Eastern and Chesapeake Bays, the sewage treatment option would not totally eliminate it.  It would move the remainder, plus the additional development loading north of the Bay Bridge, and since chemicals and pharmaceuticals are not fully removed in the treatment process, we would be adding additional stress to the fishery.    

The State has implemented and funded a plan to use biological and nutrient reduction (BNR) septic systems to replace the failing septic systems, State wide. This is funded by the Flush Tax and many of my neighbors have already put the in.  See

DNR has studied and has the data to prove that the fishery declines when the impervious surface (driveways, roads, houses, etc.) exceeds 10% coverage.  Historical data from the Western Shore substantiates this as most of their rivers like the Severn and Magothy are around the 17% range.  

Now the scary part.  The K.I. Eastern Bay (southern Kent Island) now has 9.04% impervious coverage and Kent Island (Chesapeake Bay) is at 10.23%.  If we allow the sewer line we would add 1600 houses and probably more than double impervious coverage.  This would devastate the fishery and our way of life.

I am running for County Commissioner, At-Large to protect Our Quality of Life.  I know fishing is more fun than politics, but the MSSA was instrumental in saving the rockfish in the 80s, it is now time to save Kent Island.


Frank Frohn


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